Let Them Eat Cake

So I decided I would tell you all why I love The movie Marie Antoinette by Sophia Coppola. Alright so ok first off I have always had a thing for that 7th Century kind of RoCoco Thing. Second Sophi Coppola is one of the best directors out there. She creates such a distinct mood and feel to her movies giving a very nostalgic feel to her works. Third, the sountrack is made up of some of the best bands like the Stokes, New Order, Radio Dept, and Apex Twin. So yes this movie is Historically Accurate maybe a little taken over the top but I know this since I ended up doing a research paper on Marie Antoinette after seeing the movie ( since I became completely Obsessed). another part of this move that just makes it so wonderfull is the costumes and the way they filmed it. I think they really brought the historical ascpect of her story life by using such fantastic colors and scenery. Its just plain beautiful each scene is so amazing. Ok so here are some pics.


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