What I am looking forward to This Summer and my goals

1. all the glorious flowers and their bright colors

2. Frolicking in the lush green

3. Yummy iced lemon and citrus drinks both alcholic and non to cool off

4. reading as many books I can ( that Reminds me I need to make a list)

5. Keeping dream journals6. Sleeping in and sitting down with a cup of coffee

7. going to vintage stores

8. finding a legit cute pinup style bathing suit and looking good in it

8. going to summer concerts

9. late night firepits with my family

10. seeing the stars on warm nights

11. spending more time with my boyfriend

12. pretending im a fairy outside

13. pretending I’m a mermaid in the pool

14. ice cream

15. eating good food ( and not gaining weight)

16. being with friends and sister

17. sit on my bed and relax with my cat

18. cold iced tea

19. working on my own art for fun

20. Making a Legit Comic with my boyfriend


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