Obsession- Hunger Games

Yes, Im officially Obsessed. Sorry guys, I know Lost of people are. I Am just glad that a book has been made for a younger audience that reveals a lot about or society and our very  convoluted way of showing entertainment. As far  the concept of these books I have always thought” we are just getting closer and closer to watching people actually get killed on TV” In fact we do, constant news reports involving various killings in Iraq, school shootings, and other atrocities. It just hits home and really grasps the audience no matter what age. And Yes it is almost hypocritical to be watching a movie made about people on tv getting killed, but It makes everyone unite and root for this person. In the theatre It was extremly quiet. Everyone was engrossed in these people and their lives and hoping fo their survival. I loved they way the movie was made and it was praticaly just the same as teh book. The really captured the feeling,scenery, and characters to a T. Even the soundtrack was perfect as well. They handled the killings perfectly too. They did it in such a way that wasnt over the top but very real and enough for you to be really upset but not showing too much. As for the chracters, Well I have a girl crush on Jenifer and Josh as well was amazing. Both were casted really well. Rue was one of my favorites and it was the hardest to watch her scenes. YEs I am obsessed and the film was amazing.


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